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Astrid better get to be a badass this season, or else. Also she better not die, or else.

I can just see it now: Here lies Asterix, the most badass, yet under appreciated sidekick on Fringe, who tragically died from an unfortunate laser accident.

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Out of context- The Arrival part 2

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Out of context-The same old story part 4 offscreen

Olivia: What do you think?

Peter: I think you know what I think. Come on, Olivia. I can do this. Stop talking and close your eyes, okay?

Olivia: Of course.

Peter: All right, here it goes. *some time passes* This is taking too long.  It’s not working.

Olivia: You need to get your father.

Peter: You’re kiddin’ me right?

Olivia: It can’t wait.

Peter: Okay. Walter. Hey, Walter, come on, we’re - Walter? Oh come on. Tell me you’re not in the closet.

Walter: Son? Is that you?

Peter: Yes, Walter, it’s me.

Walter: I thought you had a way with women.  Well, you’ll have to crank it, won’t you?

Peter: Okay, how’d you do that? What are you doing?

Walter: Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m doing two things at once.

Peter: Hey! Hey, it worked.

Walter: Good work, son. Good work.

Olivia: Thank you for your help.

Walter: There’s no need.

Olivia: Well, we’re grateful for your help.

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Out of context-The same old story part 1

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An alternate version of Olivia’s encounter with Walter on a tuesday morning.

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Bells lacklustre reappearance.

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